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In today’s society, the number of vehicles per family is slowly increasing. More and more people in the UK are opting to buy vehicles for their own personal or commercial use. Therefore the range and numbers allotted in the number plates are also changing. This has give rise to a huge factorial difference in the number plates being issued. Number plates are an integral part of owning an automobile. It gives you an exclusive identity to ply on the road ad helps other people and car owners recognise information about your car. These vehicle registration or number plates as they are popularly called provide a vehicle owner with a unique identity. The alpha numeric symbolic plates are used for the purpose of displaying the mark of registration of a vehicle. Number plates have been in existence since ancient history when automobiles started plying on government roads. These automobiles required registration from the government’s office to ply. Thus the concept of having number plates attached vehicles were invented to make it easier for every individual who has an automobile to be recognisable by a unique number and letter. In this article we shall discuss car number plates in United Kingdom.

History of number plates in the United Kingdom

The Uk has a vast and varied history with automobiles. Reputed manufactures of cars and other vehicles were established in the Uk during the 1900s. A lot of people embraced the idea of owning cars for their own personal and commercial needs. A lot of vehicles were manufactured and sold. However there was no official marking on every vehicle so that they could be identified. Horse drawn carriages in London had a number painted or engraved on the back to identify their owners. With the beginning of the new century and number of vehicles increasing, the number of accidents occurring also increased to a great extent. It was necessary for law enforcement and government officials to identify cars so that guilty could be tracked and brought to justice. The means and ways of identifying each and every car was vital to the then government. On the 1st of January, 1904, The Motor Car Act 1903 came into force. It required that all automobiles and vehicles be marked on an official vehicle register and all vehicles should have alphanumeric plates to them to make the task easier. The Act was passed so that people involved in accidents and other crimes could be traced. This modern idea of marking each and every single vehicle was introduced to the world 5 years before by Netherlands. The very first number plate which was issued in London was A1 in bold and it belonged to Earl Russell. He was the first registrant ever in the UK.

Uses of number plates in the UK

The first ever reg plates that were issued had no dates on them. The marks were usually of a local council who issued the identifier codes to the vehicles. The next plates that were introduced had the year of registration also. These changes were brought about by several Acts which were passed for the betterment of the automobile identification system. The plates which were made during the period of 199os to 2001 had an area code along with the registration number also. This made it easier for people to identify the locality of cars. Plates of today have a lot of science and interpretation behind them. It was found put that victims of accidents and mishaps remember the letters of the alphabet more than the numbers. As people generally read from left to right, the local area code was put at the beginning than at the end. The format is made up of three parts as shown below.

Local region

This denotes the place where the car was registered for the first time. There is a lot of letters for each locality. Vehicles which are registered in Birmingham begin with the set of letters BA-BY. The vehicles which fall under Chelmsford begin with EA-EY.

Date ID

This indicates the date when the vehicle was registered. It continues to change every six months.


The last three letters are randomly given. This current system of random letter assigning is very stable and can handle 12.5 million registrations every year.

How to buy number plates

There are a lot of ways by which you can get your very own number plate here in the UK. You can visit the official web site of the government of Uk and search for manufactures of private number plates near you. You can only be able to get a plate from a seller or supplier who is registered and has a license to manufacture plates. You can also try from your local garage or auto agency to see if they have a registered manufactures with them. When you are preparing to get your private plates, you shall need certain things to carry with you. You need to carry your identification card or passport. You also need the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Rules and costs of using a number plate

There are some rules for displaying a personalised number plate. It should be made from a reflective material. It should have contrasting letters and background. There should also be no pattern in the background. The characters also need to be in a certain size and height. Thus you need to follow certain DVLA number plates regulations issued by the Government of UK.

When you are buying your private number plate, there are a lot factors which matter for the correct and appropriate plate. The plates of towing, commercial vehicles and two wheelers are different from the plates of personal vehicles. There are also many services and agencies which offer to make your cherished number plates for you. Another factor is choice numbers. There are some car or vehicle owners who want unique or personalised number plates. You have to pay extra amount of money for getting a custom number plate. The cost usually depends on the materials and colors used. You may also need to pay extra for a premium reflective material. Private reg number plates certainly help to personalise your vehicle and special attention should be paid to them.

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