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Cherished number plates have been in existence for quite a long time. The term was used to refer to registration marks for vehicles that were dateless. The personalised number plates were only offered in the United Kingdom before 1963.

The name has now broadened to describe private number plates as well as personalised number plates. As a result of this extension, it can be noted that the older number plates were included due to their vivid distinctiveness. Private number plates, be it the old and classy number plates or the personal branded ones, do have a higher price value that can only be seen to be deserving of their desirability. It is therefore worth noting that these car number plates do refer to any registration mark that is held in high esteem and cherished by an individual.


The idea of having a private plate has everything to do with the first person in Great Britain having a car registration number. Earl Russell had to camp outside the registration offices in order to receive the A1 number plate. As a consequence it became a legal requirement for every vehicle in the UK to have a registration number from the 1st January 1904. This was after the introduction of The Motorcar Act 1903. A reason that necessitated the introduction of this Act was the burgeoning number of accidents and vehicles on the roads.

It is difficult to talk about private plates without documenting the various changes in the number plates systems:

1. Dateless 1903-1963. There was nothing to show the year in which the plates were issued.

2. Suffix 1963 – 1983. A letter was added at the end to denote the year of issuing the plate. The year 1964 was denoted by the letter A

3. Prefix 1983 – 2001. The letter denoting the year of issuing was moved to the beginning of the plate numbers e.g. 1983 was denoted by the letter A.

4. Current style 2001-present. It is more comprehensive and has the prefixes for the local regions as well as the date ID.


The prices still remain a major stumbling block for most buyers of number plates. In the UK for instance, it will be customary to find a buyer in need of a personalised number plate that spells out something that they hold close to their hearts. In effect, something such as a spouse’s name is a very common request and if the client gets wind of the fact that this private reg can cost as little as £28,000, they are always left stunned.

With such a price, it becomes a matter having a thick wallet in order to afford one. But there are other options to this kind of branding. Say for instance that one’s favourite football club is Manchester City, having a private number plate that reads M12 CTY really stands out. For the owner of the car, this is the clubs name and the 12 signifies 2011/12 which is the year in which they ended their wait for the Premier league title.

For this kind of registration mark, it works to solve the issue of pricing as it does range from £135-8000 which is inclusive of VAT charges and government transfer charges. The trick in this kind of deal is to satisfy the customer’s desire and have it done at practically affordable prices.

Retention (taking a plate off)

In instances where one does not want to use the private plates anymore, it is legally possible to change the number plates. This can be done by applying to the relevant government agencies. In this regard, one is able to do a couple of things while the plate is withdrawn. The plate can be placed on hold for the use in what is referred to as retention and the user can apply for its reuse in the future. In the event of a retention, one is given certificate V778 which acts as a proof that he/she still has the right to use the same registration mark.

Sale of private plates

In the event that one no longer wants to use a particular registration mark, it is possible to sell the same. It is important to note that online sales are very delicate and it is advisable not to share scans or pictures of the various certificates V778 and V750. It is very easy for someone to use these private plates on other vehicles if they have these certificates.

Assigning a registration mark

Upon retention, one can reuse the private number plates once the proper channels have been followed. It is therefore important to do this by following the proper following the instructions outlined here. The following certificates are important in this key exercise:

· V778 retention document

· V750 certificate of entitlement

· Online reference number

It is also possible to have a registration mark transferred to a different car one owns. To accomplish this, the following requirements must be met and the vehicle must be:

· available for inspection

· registered with the DVLA in the UK

· of a type that needs an MOT or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) test certificate

When one transfers a private plate to another vehicle, it would be right to wonder what exactly happens to the plate. Firstly, the person is provided with a V778 document which acts as a proof that the person still holds the rights to whichever use of the particular plate for a period of up to 10 years. It is always important to renew the rights to use of any private plate before the indicated expiration dates. Failure to do so might have legal repercussions, so be sure to keep your DVLA reg documents up to date.

In the internet age, the transfer process  for DVLA number plates has been expedited to within a click of a button as it is possible to do such assignments and transfer reg plates straight away. Once this has been done, one is advised to note the new reference number and use it rather than use the old one. Anytime a user processes or requests a transfer, it is of note that the payment of the transfer fee acts as a major mark of the transfer and once the necessary documents have been processed, it is possible to commence use immediately.


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