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In 1903 the beginnings of the British car registration system emerged with a two character plate and even from the very beginning of the process there must have been some notion of the interest people would have in the letters that mad up theses plates. Right from the very beginning it was decided not to produce certain number plates. A great example is ER due to its connection with the Royals but surprisingly they also omitted some plates they thought might be deemed offensive, such as BF (thinking it may have been connected to the term Bloody Fool).
A few changes in the characterisations occurred over the years and as the rise in vehicle production and use continued to increase the registration system continued to expand on the way the plates were made up. In 2001 we saw the plate take on the things like codes that linked the plate to its region it was issued in and years before this (around 1963) we saw the plates begin to show the year the car was manufactured.

Now a days it is popular for people to purchase personalised number plates that have sentimental links, something that resembles a family name or important date for example but for those who are using personalised number plates as a way to modify their vehicle the history of personalised number plates can be really important to helping them make the right decision. Those looking to modify a British Classic might consider a dateless plate or a plate that fits with the location and date the car was produced. Those looking for a way to personalise a newer vehicle may look for combinations that give something away about their personality, job role, hobbies and so forth.

It is also important to look at the rules and regulations around displaying and registering personalised number plates. If you are buying a plate ensure it has a V5C and don’t forget that the DVLA does not look kindly on using plates to try to make a car look newer in the interest of resale so beware of this point as it could land you in risky waters. Another one to look out for that is not widely known is that if a car is a Q plate the DVLA won’t allow a personalised plate to be registered to the vehicle. Penalties for having number plates that the DVLA do not allow include; the number plate being withdrawn, £1,000 fines and even the car failing its MOT. There are a few little bits of legislation and rules that it is good to know right from the start so it is important to check things out with the DVLA and do plenty of research before a private plate is selected. Purchasing a personalised number plate can range from something fairly reasonable in price right into the hundreds of thousands so it’s something worth doing right if the cash is due to be splashed.


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