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Private number plates offer the owner of a vehicle the chance to have a plate that reflects them or makes a statement about them. As of September 2001 private plates have gone to seven possible character combinations. This has not gone over very well with the general public, which has meant an increase in business for the auction houses. They auction off with lower number combinations. The lower the number of possible combinations on the plate, the more valuable the private number plate becomes.

Why people may want to get one

People would originally get a personalised number plate because it said something about them. Then it became a status symbol for the owner, and now it has become an investment opportunity for the owner of the plate. Many people and even businesses are looking at their personalised number plates as an investment. The smaller the number of possible character combinations on the plate the more valuable they become.

Some suspect that some of the earliest cherished number plates could bring in well over 250,000 pounds at auction. The lure of the chance to make a lot of money is there, but there is a bit of caution. Not all private plates have the same potential to gain value. Those that are are re-issues from the DVLA will not have the same potential as others will. Also, you will want to focus on the older car number plates as they will have a much better chance to increase in value over time.

Overview of history

The first private reg plate was introduced in 1903 with the plate ‘A1’. They are unique from any other type of plate because there is only one of each private number plate made. They do not get re-issued in subsequent years. Each private registration is only issued to one person and vehicle. There have been some increases in the number of possible character combinations over the last 100 years. They began with two possible character combinations and currently, there are seven possible character combinations.

DVLA’s involvement

The DVLA is the official issuer of private registrations, and they also auction off existing private registration plates. You will want to seek out professional help before attending a DVLA auction to be sure that the private number plates you are going to bid on at auction will be worth your money. You can also go to the DVLA website to search for and get your own new DVLA number plates. One suggestion that has been made is that you will want to make sure that the number plates says something, without adding anything to it. Private registrations that spell out a word increase in value more than those that do not.

How to Buy Private Number Plates

How do you buy a private number plate? You have two options: buy them privately or through a number plate supplier. If the number plate that you want is in the possession of a private hand, you can negotiate with him directly. If you want the easier way, you can just contact a number plate supplier.

Buying private number plates for your vehicle can be an announcement of your personality, character and monetary security. However, numerous drivers wouldn’t know how to approach buying one, in any case, not to mention exchanging another private number plate to an auto.

And additionally the DVLA, some private merchants work over the United Kingdom. Utilising a private merchant might be a superior alternative if you are scanning for a profoundly coveted plate. This is because of the way that numerous private plates change hands on some events before finding their way back onto the market available to be purchased.

It is conceivable to buy plates privately using sale. It is conceivable to get a deal like this, especially if the present owners do not esteem the plate as exceptionally as the buyer. Private dealers can transfer plates directly between vehicles while approving personalised registration.
It is very easy to get the┬áDVLA reg plate that you want through a number plate supplier. You can search for the available private number plates. You will also get useful suggestions and recommendations from them about your choice of number and letter combinations. The thing is that sometimes, you want a private number plate but don’t know exactly what to look for. This is where a number plate supplier becomes very useful. They will be able to talk you through your many choices, thus, helping you decide what number plate to get.

How do you buy a private number plate through a number plate supplier? First, you will have to choose the number and letter combinations. Most suppliers have number generator. You can just input at least three digits of your choice, and they will give you a long list of different combinations. You can browse the list and pick one. If you have a particular number combination that you want, you can ask the supplier if it is available or you can also contact the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA) to check the availability of the number. You can also search by type and style.

Second, you will need to negotiate the price. The cost of a private number plate will depend on your choice. If you choose number plate that is highly demanded, expect for a higher price. The price of a private number plate can reach up to more than $10,000. The price that the number plate supplier offered you can still be lowered if you negotiate.

Third, once you have agreed on the price, your next step will be to process the purchase. You will have to pay the agreed price and then submit all documents that the DVLA and the number plate supplier may require from you.

Lastly, you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the private number plate to be delivered to you.

Buying a private number plate is so easy with the many number plate suppliers out there. It is also made more affordable. If a word is spelled perfectly, that plate too is considered of immense value.



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